The main objective of free zones is to attract foreign investment, boost exports, create jobs, ensure technology transfer, and promote regional development. Free zones have become an important sector of the economy, counting with great support from the society and government.

By 2017 the DR has:

• 64 industrial parks
• 635 companies in operation
• +170,000 jobs
• + 300k indirect jobs
• US$3.9 billion investment
• US$ 5.6 billion exports
• 56% of the total export of the country

By 2012, jobs have
grown a


The foreign
currencies has grown a


The technological companies have grown a


The export values of medical
products have increased by


  • Strategic geographic location in the center of the Caribbean. Centrally located to both North and South markets of the Americas.
  • The Dominican Republic has more than 45 years with a political and social stability, characterized by a solid and lasting democracy.
  • Efficient labor market and highly skilled labor force at competitive cost and high productivity.
  • Growth of the 43.3% of GDP in the last 5 years

  • Medical & pharmaceutical Grown a 27% since 2009
  • DR is the country #4 in the list of exporters of the medical devices to USA growing in the last years a 10.8%.
  • 9 of 30 mayor global medical device manufacturer have direct operations in the DR

Efficent Labor Market and highly skilled labour force at competitive costs and high productivity

By 2012 there is a total of 53 parks operating in the Dominican Republic reflecting in a 3.9% growth