B. Braun Medical Inc. opens a new and modern manufacturing plant in Las Americas Free Zone

This expansion project will generate 1,000 new jobs in the next 5 years.

President Luis Abinader led the Inauguration Ceremony of a new and modern building of B. Braun company in Las Américas Free Zone together with Minister Víctor – Ito – Bisonó, an expansion that will generate 1,000 new jobs in the manufacture of Medical Devices.

They were accompanied at the event by Mr. Jean-Claude Dubacher, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of B. Braun Medical Inc., as well as executives from Las Américas Free Zone and other distinguished personalities.

In his speech, Minister Bisonó emphasized that “this is undoubtedly a transcendental day for the Free Zones Sector and for the country. Today an important foreign company strengthens bonds of trust and collaboration with the Dominican Republic, a bond that is not just words, but materializes with the inauguration of the first phase of this ambitious expansion plan, with a new 146,700-square-foot building. ”.

“B. Braun Medical Inc. is positioned among the 15 most important companies worldwide in the medical device subsector, a sector classified as critical in the current global circumstances, and has operations in more than 60 countries where it has 64,000 collaborators,” he said. the minister.

For his part, Mr. Jean-Claude Dubacher thanked President Abinader for his presence as well as all those invited to this event and expressed his appreciation for the government’s efforts to protect the health and safety of the Dominican people during the difficult months of the global pandemic. “Under your leadership, Mr. President, the Dominican Republic was at the forefront in protecting public health through timely vaccination and prevention protocols implemented. His governance efforts helped keep B. Braun in business, thereby ensuring our ability to supply life-sustaining products to patients who needed them.”

On behalf of Las Americas Free Zone, Mr. Miguel Estepan, CEO of the Park, took advantage of the moment to thank B. Braun for the trust placed in him for the growth of his footprints in the Dominican Republic.

The company B. Braun started operations in the Dominican Republic in 1999, with only 55 collaborators, today, 23 years later, it has a workforce of more than 2,300 employees and a wide and modern infrastructure that will allow it to continue expanding its operations in the country and venture into new technologies at the service of health.

Medical Devices Subsector generates more than 27,000 direct jobs in the country.

According to figures from the DR General Customs Direction, in 2021 the Medical Devices subsector had a significant growth in exports compared to 2020 and stood at 31%; growth that is achieved thanks to the efforts of the labor force of the Dominican Republic and that also has a positive impact on the generation of new jobs.

Currently, nine of the thirty largest companies in the world in the medical device industry have direct manufacturing operations in the free zones of the Dominican Republic, which have made direct investments of more than US$ 1,000 million.

This growing medical device industry is made up of companies that integrate world-class technologies with the talent of our people, who have proven that our workforce has the ability to compete with the world. It is an industry that generates 27,000 direct jobs, but that increasingly generates more quality positions and greater links with engineering and science.

President Luis Abinader, through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, has made significant efforts to support the Free Zones Sector in order to position the Dominican Republic as a Logistics Hub of excellence.