INFOTEP will train more than 54,000 participants in the Free Zones sector

Santo Domingo.- The National Coordinating Committee of the INFOTEP-Free Zones Program approved, in its first meeting of the year, the Operational Plan that covers the attention to 232 companies in the sector.

Among the operational goals, for the year 2021 it was programmed to offer some 3,046 training actions or courses, for the benefit of 54,828 participants.

In the meeting, led by the General Director of INFOTEP (Professional Technical Training Institute), Rafael Santos Badía and the President of the program, Eduardo Bogaert, representatives of the parks of Santiago, Itabo, San Pedro de Macorís and Las Américas participated.

When analyzing the budget, Santos Badía was willing to increase the allocations according to the demand for training that each committee of the program has.

In this regard, Bogaert praised the decision positively, because it is expected that this year the growth rate will increase and it will be necessary to improve the training offer, which will contribute to the development of the country, which needs quality jobs.

Of the 232 companies that will be served this year with advice and technical assistance, training, and labor competencies standards, 104 are included within large production units, 92 are medium and 36 are small.

In the Central Regional Management of INFOTEP, 90 companies will be served, 100 in the North Regional Management, 30 in the East Regional Management and 12 in the South Regional Management.

Participating in this meeting were Anabel Ogando, representing the Santiago Free Zone Park; Onellys Pérez, representative of the Itabo Free Zone Park and Luis González, of the Las Américas Free Zone Park. San Pedro de Macorís was represented by Eduardo Bagaert.

In addition to the General Director, the Deputy Director Maira Morla and the managers Rayza Pichardo, Ondina Marte and Bilma Erasme participated from INFOTEP.