Scotiabank opened the Scotia GBS Dominican Republic Global Services Campus

with the aim of exporting support services to other operations of the entity around the world. It is located in Las Americas Free Zone Park.

The Center currently serves four countries, Canada, the United States, Chile and the Virgin Islands through a structure of 4 integrated units: Collections, Contact Center, Money Laundering Prevention Operations and Personal Banking Service Center. Its goal is to broaden that scope and become a center of excellence in services.

The act was carried out with the security protocols that warrant the health crisis of COVID-19. In this context, Marcela Giraldo, Vice President of the Campus, said that “The Dominican Republic has a growing economy with access to talent and an environment that supports development and investment. The project that we inaugurate today reflects Scotiabank’s commitment to continue developing better standards of quality, innovation and efficiency ”.

This is Scotiabank’s second Global Services Campus in Latin America. The Dominican Republic was selected for the availability of trained bilingual human talent, as well as for its good business climate.

The project has been developed in Las Américas Free Zone Park, an ally with more than 30 years of experience. With the inauguration of the Campus, Las Americas presents its new concept, Las Américas Business Park, the first business center in the country that will have more than 50,000 square meters of office space and a plaza with amenities that will create a favorable environment to employees and the growth of the companies established there.

Executives from the Scotiabank Global Services Campus expressed that, despite COVID-19, it is stable to invest in Las Américas, characterized by being a model park and leader in the region.”